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X-54: Supersonic Commercial Jet Aircraft, Expected to Cost About $ 80 Million

June 27, 2012 4,222 views One Comment
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Concorde – Images: smh.com.au

Do you know what commercial aircraft/plane with fastest speed? Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Gulfstream and supported by NASA has made a supersonic commercial jet aircraft (code X-54) that anyone can buy later. X-54 aircraft can fly at speeds to 2,500 mph (about 4,000 km / h), which beat the Concorde plane that only had a speed of 1350 mph.


With that speed, when we fly from London to Sydney usually takes 20 hours and 10 minutes, with the X-54 we only takes 4 hours. Wow, very fast. X-54 also claimed that it’s not more noisy than Concorde, so it can fly to any country.

X-54 able to carry 12 passengers only and it is expected to cost about $ 80 million. According to the plan, X-54 will soon be marketed in Europe and the Middle East with the slogan ‘To the USA and back in a working day.’

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One Comment »

  • Henry said:

    So, yes the Concorde only has a speed of 1350mph but it flought 15 years ago and it was affordable. The new beoing jet does not exist and flight.. So before concluding, just be realistic please.

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