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ViSi Mobile System: Help Doctor to Control the Patient by Wireless

January 3, 2013 232 views No Comment
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ViSi Mobile System which was made ​​by Sotera Wireless of San Diego, California is a medical instrument that allows the doctor or hospital to monitor ongoing developments of patient via wireless or in this case utilizing Wi-Fi technology. ViSi Mobile System can measure and read all important condition of patients ranging from blood pressure, heart rate, body temperature and others. Then all that can be accessed wireless either through phone or tablet or PC.


This tool will also automatically alert the doctor if any of the conditions are deemed dangerous such as a weak heart rate or body temperature is too high. ViSi Mobile System consists of several parts, some sensors and a monitor that placed on the wrist to indicate the condition of the patient. Not everybody allowed to access the monitor.


This monitor can be removed at any time if it’s needed, such as to take the overall data and transferred to a computer. ViSi Mobile System was made for the purpose of easier control of the patient while reducing human error in the control patients. And the most important, the patient will be more comfortable because it will rarely doctor came into the room just to check blood pressure and others.

ViSi Mobile System: Help Doctor to control the Patient by Wireless

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