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Toshiba Develop A Smart Technology that Can Auto Predict Damage in HDD

January 5, 2013 15 views No Comment
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Toshiba as the Japanese computer manufacturers is developing a smart technology that is able to predict the damage of the Hard disk drive. This technology works based on data usage on laptop or computer HDD. Thus, this technology can determine the amount of error, the operating time as well as data which collected from the trouble HDD.

This technology was not only able to predict problems of the HDD. As a preventive measure, this technology has the ability to backup your data before the HDD get in trouble. It is of course very useful because the data that stored on the HDD could be the important data.

According to the plan, this technology will be added by Toshiba to Toshiba Smart Client Manager software. This software is a tool which commonly used by people who work on businesses. And, according to plan, this technology will begin to be marketed in the year of 2013.

To create this technology, the Toshiba has analyzed more than 1.66 million computers with Toshiba PC Health Monitor software in it. With the use of this technology, Toshiba hopes that the risk of data loss due to HDD problem will decrease.

Toshiba Develop A Smart Technology that Can Auto Predict Damage in HDD

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