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NVIDIA Project Shield, Cool Android Game Console With Tegra 4 & 5 inch HD Screen

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Indications about NVIDIA that will enter the handheld gaming console market, reportedly it’s not a rumor, but it’s a reality. Because recently, CEO of NVidia – Jenn-Hsung Huang reportedly has formally introduced a handheld gaming console with support of the newest Android Tegra 4 and it’s known as Project Shield. NVIDIA Project Shield is a handheld game console that uses the power of Android on it. This device is not much different with the presence of other android mobile devices on the market today.


In addition to the availability of game controller, this handheld game console also comes with a screen size of 5 inch retina-quality 720p resolution (density of screen up to 294 dpi with 921.600 pixels). Meanwhile, if the user doesn’t satisfied with the presence of 5-inch screen display, the user can optimize the view through the existence of HDMI port and connect it to the TV. NVIDIA CEO, Jenn-Hsung Huang – reportedly has demonstrated the NVIDIA Shield Project that connected to TV 4K via HDMI cable and playing the Dead Arrival 2 game.


In addition, NVIDIA’s Project Shield is also able to adapt the PC or TV games via VNC-line wireless technology. It also supports Steam’s Big Picture Mode and stream games from a PC using the NVIDIA GeForce GTX GPU. For users who want more quality gaming applications that available on the device, at the future Nvidia reportedly also going to provide a complete service through TegraZone or Google Play games. That way would be easier for users to get the desired game applications without having to look elsewhere.


NVIDIA Project Shield also participated at the CES 2013, so if you want to test it, please go to the CES 2013. Unfortunately, there’s no detail information about when it will be available on market. Let’s take a look at the NVIDIA Project Shield video below:

NVIDIA Project Shield, Cool Android Game Console With Tegra 4 & 5 inch HD Screen

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