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Cheap 7 Inch Tablet from Samsung Will Launch This Year?

January 24, 2013 13 views No Comment
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Some new tablets will be manufactured by Samsung in this year. One o the new tablets that already been confirmed by Samsung is Samsung Galaxy Note 8 which is the competitor of the iPad Mini 7.9 inch. Furthermore, according to Digitimes, another tablet that will be launched by the Samsung is a cheap tablet. The cheap tablet with a 7-inch touch screen will be the competitor of Google Nexus 7.

And, to be able to compete with Google Nexus 7, Samsung was preparing a tablet with a cheaper price tag. Most likely, the tablet will be offered to the public at a price range between $149 USD to $199 USD. With the addition of several new tablets, Samsung was targeting able to reach the increment of total sales of the tablets. Samsung plan to sell 40 million units of tablet, while the year of 2012, Samsung managed to sell 15 million units of the tablet.

Cheap 7 Inch Tablet from Samsung Will Launch This Year?

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