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Ouya – Android Game Console is Supported with 300 Games

January 24, 2013 40 views No Comment
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Ouya game console would be a serious competitor for the other game console manufacturers. In 2013, Microsoft is rumored to be launching the Xbox 720, while Sony is preparing PS4. With much cheaper price, Ouya could be a very appropriate choice for the middle to lower segment/users. Fortunately, not only cheap, it’s also supported with many game titles .

Until this news was written, there have been 300 game titles ready to play through the Ouya game console. However, there is no information whether the 300 games could be played at the time of its release in March. Even if not all the games can be played directly, we sure that the number of the games is already quite a lot. Especially now there are 63 thousand people who lined up and has ordered the Ouya game console.

Ouya – Android Game Console is Supported with 300 Games

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