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The 8 Inch and 10 Inch Cheap Tablets from Acer Will Use Mediatek Processor

January 30, 2013 19 views No Comment
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Recently, Acer has unveiled a cheap tablet with 7-inch screen, the Iconia B1. And, in the near future, Acer will continue to launch cheap Android tablets with a larger screen size, the 8 inch tablet and 10 inch tablet. To make the cost more low, the two tablets would use chips processor from Mediatek. Chips from Mediatek is booming and is widely used by the some cheap Android phones. And the newest Mediatek chip processor is MT6589 quad core processor.

President of Acer in China, Linxian Lang said that the opportunity to acquire a large portion in the low end is very high. He estimates that this year there will be more than 200 million unit tablets that would launch into the global market. With Apple and Samsung aside, other tablet manufacturers will share about 120 million units of the tablets. For 8 inch tablet, Acer expected to sell it for around $205 USD. Meanwhile, for the 10-inch version, probably it will be priced at $239 USD.

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