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Archos Introduces 3 High-End Tablets with Cheap Price But with Best Performance

February 16, 2013 7 views No Comment
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The products from Archos always had interesting things, especially the price which always much cheaper than similar products. If the problem is worry to buy their products with reason about the quality and performance of the product, Archos Platinum series could provide the answer to your worries. Platinum Series of Archos will be released in 3 types, namely Archos 80 Platinum (8 inch), Archos 97 Platinum HD (9.7-inch) and the Archos 116 Platinum (11.6 inch)

Ash the name “Platinum” which given in this latest Android tablet, the specifications that offered are not much different from other high-end tablet, such as:

– Quad Core 1.2 GHz processor with 8 Core GPU
– IPS screen that produces high resolution:
1024 × 768 (8 inch), 2048 × 1536 (9.7-inch) and 1920 × 1080 (11.6-inch)
– Memory 2 GB of RAM
– Android 4.1 Jelly Bean
– Front and rear camera
– Mini HDMI and MicroSD slot

It is not explained in more detail about the quality of the camera, but with the capability of existing hardware, we think we can understand if the picture quality is only “ordinary”. As you can see, the specifications are almost the same as the high-end Android tablet, but talk about the price, Archos is the best. Platinum series of Achos will be sold at a price of $199 (8 inch), $299 (9.7-inch) and $349 (11.6-inch). Cool huh?

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