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Casio GW-A1100, Latest Advanced Watches of Casio G-SHOCK SKY Cockpit Series

March 13, 2013 2,876 views No Comment
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Casio recently rumored has introduced new model of watches, it’s the G-SHOCK SKY Cockpit Serieswith brand Casio GW-A1100. The watches measures 48.4 × 53.8 × 17.3mm and weighs of 93g. It has a performance with high accuracy, good design and easy to use for anybody. The Casio analog drive system in it was also supported by several motor driver and a sensor technology that makes the watches can continue to operate and guaranteed avoid from damaged.


Not only that, the carbon fiber was supposedly able to maintain the stability of the performance of the components in it, even in the most extreme situations. Triple G Resist that available in the device, making this watches resistant to damage, centrifugal gravity resistant and shock-resistant. Actually, there are two models of Casio G-SHOCK SKY Cockpit Series that would be released on June 28, 2013. The two models are GW-A1100-1AJF (Black x Red) and GW-A1100-1A3JF (Black x Green). While the price per unit is priced on each model is around ¥ 65,000.


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