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EditNote SUKATTO: the Stress Relief Notebook Made in Japan

March 13, 2013 26 views No Comment
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If you are feeling stressed and need a good outlet, you might want to try the latest notebook models which made ​​by Japanese manufacturer, named EditNote. The notebook model that can be used as a means of stress is EditNote SUKATTO. EditNote SUKATTO is A4-sized notebook contains pages that are intentionally designed to be easily torn up. The pages that exist are not made to write with good words but only contains all the complaints.

According to the developers of this product, this stress reliever notebook basically been based on prevailing customs and behavior in Japanese society itself. From various studies that have been done before, the developers said to have ripped the various type of papers and found a maximum satisfaction. The price that offered for a SUKATTO EditNote unit is about 500 JPY.

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