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New innovation of LG, A Washing Machine without Water and Detergent

April 18, 2013 76 views No Comment
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LG has just announced that they have a very new innovative product. The latest product is a washing machine. But this washer was not a regular washer, but a washing machine that can clean clothes without using water and detergent. Unfortunately, LG Division Senior VP of household electronic appliances, Kevin Cha did not want to give more detailed information about the eco-friendly washing machine. He said that the electronic device is currently in the process of development. Therefore they still close the access of the full information about the washing machine product.

Previously, LG washing machine has been named Styler products that has been introduced at the International Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in this year. Washer Styler can ‘refresh’ clothes without detergent or water. And, the LG plans to upgrade the washing machine by providing additional features. In addition, the company that based in South Korea is also reportedly developing a sophisticated refrigerator. It’s said that they want the refrigerator that can work without having to obtain energy supplies from outside.

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