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JET Recon: Serious Killer of Google Glass with Cheaper Price

May 20, 2013 51 views No Comment
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It seems to be more and more gadgets like Google Glass. Recon JET is a Head-up display (HUD) which is similar to Google Glass and it’s also claimed to replace a computer or mobile phone. Inside of Recon JET, there is a Dual Core processor, high resolution display, sensors, a variety of connectivity such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, ANT +, GPS and much more.


Arguably similar to Google Glass except that it is bigger and more likely intended for outdoor activities although certainly not a problem as well in indoor. One thing that makes Recon JET more interesting, JET Recon will be priced in the range of $400 – $600, which means much cheaper than Google Glass (U.S. $ 1500).

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