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Toshiba MQ01ABFH Series, Best Hybrid SSD with Size Only 7 Millimeter

June 24, 2013 16 views No Comment
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Japanese giant electronics manufacturer, Toshiba has just introduced a new hybrid SSD product named MQ01ABFH series. The superiority of 2.5-inch hybrid SSD lies in the size, which is only 7 millimeter. In addition, Toshiba also provides a hybrid SSD with a capacity of 320GB or 500GB. There are solid-stade 8GB of NAND flash on the hybrid SSD. Toshiba parties also claimed that the performance of this product is better than standard HDD in test of benchmark application.

Toshiba MQ01ABFH does not require the presence of an external driver or the like. Toshiba parties themselves said that the product is compatible with 175 PC systems that already tested. This is because there is a self-learning caching algorithms in it. In PCMark Vantage benchmark test, the hybrid SSD earn points by 20 thousand, which is usually a standard HDD only able to carve the figure of 5000. One example of the standard HDD by Toshiba is MQ01ABD, which is a 2.5 inch SATA drive with 5400 RPM.

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