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Telescopic Contact Lens with Super Capability, 2.8 Times Higher Than Normal Vision

July 6, 2013 18 views No Comment
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Inspired with super human vision capabilities in several scenes of the film, DARPA research team that was led by Joseph Ford of UC San Diego is said to have issued a proposal related experiments and the success in finding new types of telescopic contact lens in Optics Express official website recently.


It’s more intended for people with age-related with macular degeneration, this new type of lens with a thickness of 1.17mm is reportedly able to enlarge the vision of up to 2.8 times higher compared to normal vision in general. The layered construction make it receptive to the light that comes close to the outer edge of the lens and the light reflecting across a series of small aluminum mirror before sending it to the back of the retina that resembles origami-optical lens in it.


The telescopic sight reportedly be turned on and off by using a pair of 3D glasses to switch the polarization of the center of the lens. Though its existence alone could be considered very promising, but unfortunately for the implementation of further improvements still needed, because there are still some obstacles that must be improved and refined. In addition to support gas impermeable material that still have to be adjusted again for long-term use, the quality of vision is still below of the specified standard (sub-par) that still need to be perfected.

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