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Smart Billboards with OptimEyes Technology Will Detect Every Person Who Saw the Ads

July 18, 2013 21 views No Comment
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Smart billboards is not a new thing, and it’s time to know more detail whether the advertisers ads effective or not. A company in the UK, Amscreen provides a smart billboard media that can gather important data for advertisers. It’s equipped with a camera with OptimEyes technology that can detect faces (face detection) every person who saw the ads.


The technology begin to detect and record the data when the people take a look at the billboard, so the results would be more accurate. OptimEyes will be able to generate some data as follows:

– The number of people who see the ad
– Age
– Gender
– Location
– Time

From all of these data, every advertiser could analyze about the effectiveness of ads that has been placed and whether the location is appropriate or not.

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