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Logitech Bluetooth Speakers Z600, It Can be Connected to 3 Gadgets at Once

July 19, 2013 30 views No Comment
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Logitech Bluetooth Speakers Z600 is the latest Bluetooth speaker that offers ease of use with beautiful shape to put on your desk. Z600 can be connected with 3 pieces of gadgets at once and something cool from this bluetooth speaker, to move from one gadget to another gadget, this Bluetooth speaker is very easy.

Say we’re listening to music on the tablet and then we want to hear the songs on the phone then we simply pause the music on the tablet and press “play” on the phone’s speakers and it will automatically play the songs on the phone.


At the top of the speakers, there is a volume with touch system where we just touch the top to left or right to decrease or increase the volume. For the sound quality, it is not bad where there are 3 drivers in every speaker. In the purchase package, the Z600 also has provided 1 piece USB transceiver that can be used for gadgets with no Bluetooth connection, such as on a desktop or notebook PC.

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