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JPL RoboSimian, Monkey Robot With Four Multi Hands & Flexible Move

August 21, 2013 11 views No Comment
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After successfully presenting a formidable robotic – Mars Rovers which are intended for space exploration mission on Mars, NASA JPL team has reportedly returned to work on new unique robot project. Known as RoboSimian, this latest JPL robot like a monkey that is specifically designed for search and rescue mission that is expected to compete at the DARPA Robotics Challenge competition.

The four multi hands and dual side (front or the rear has same side), allowing the robot can move more flexibly. Moreover, thanks to the movement and posture-like primates (monkeys), the robot is reportedly able to navigate the difficult terrain, the ladder climb, and even though driving a vehicle.

Although the robot project is not new, but JPL reportedly recently published interesting video that shows a RoboSimian that can hold tools, lifting its own weight and balance delicate objects. Here is the interesting video footage:

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