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Sony Walkman WH Series (NWZ-WH303 & NWZ-WH505) Comes with Integration Speaker & Media Player

September 13, 2013 61 views No Comment
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Latest WH series of Sony Walkman headphones comes with new & attractive feature. The feature is the integration of media player as well as a speaker on the headphone. There are two models that offered by Sony, the NWZ-WH303 and NWZ-WH505.

The two Sony’s latest headphone product also comes with battery and the size is quite small. Even so, the battery life is long enough. Sony also claims that the battery is able to hold the headphones to play music for 20 hours.

In addition, Sony also pinned xLoud and VPT technology at the headphone speakers. Various sound mode was prepared on this device, from dynamic, enhanced bass and other great sound mode.

Both models have same specifications, but differ on the storage capacity. To model NWZ-WH303 has 15GB of storage capacity. While the model NWZ-WH505 only offers a storage capacity of 4GB.

Sony said that the two headphones will support Windows and Mac devices. There are two color options available, namely black and white. Unfortunately there is no information about the price of this device.

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