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Sony Walkman W274S, New Walkman Earphone-Shaped that Resistance to Water

October 2, 2013 10 views No Comment
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A walkman with earphone-shaped recently introduced by Sony. Not only easy to be carried everywhere, the Sony Walkman W274S also have a resistance to water. Although it has a small size, Sony Walkman W274S walkman earphone comes with 8GB of internal memory. With 8GB internal memory, these earphones can accommodate as many as 2000 songs at 128kbps.

The Walkman was specifically designed for music lovers who like to swim. The earbud of the walkman has a structure that resistant to water. Sony says that this walkman can be used safely in the water with a depth of up to 2 meters.

According to the plan, this Walkman will be marketed by Sony in Octoberfor European market. Regarding the choice of colors, Sony will offer it only in black color. Unfortunately, there is no information about the price of this walkman.

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